From the Parking Lot…To A Church Facility…

In December of 1995,­­­ just 6 months after New Life’s opening service in a school parking lot, the church was blessed to secure the purchase of a new facility in Lithonia, GA. Pastor Harris led the church in this endeavor even though the ministry was only 6 months old with no credit history, and limited financial resources.

In 1999, New Life acquired 2.5 additional acres of land, increasing the church’s total acreage to 17.5 acres. In 2000, New Life was blessed to retire its first mortgage, in excess of 1.5 million dollars, after only 5 years.  This debt was officially “burned” during a special New Year’s Eve worship service that year.

In 2001, a miraculous acquisition of a 5.5 Million dollar school facility, sitting on 17 acres of land in Decatur, GA was purchased. This facility was the former Southwest Dekalb High School, with a large capacity for dedicated ministry and social services to the South Dekalb community and surrounding areas.

In 2002, a critical portion of the church’s vision was realized.  “New Life Community Ministries, Inc.”, a non-profit Community Development Corporation, was founded by Pastor Harris and the church’s Eldership.

To Serving Our Community Through Outreach…

In 2003, NLCM became a full service Christian Community Center for the South Dekalb area. New Life Community Center serves as one of the only Faith-based community centers of its kind in South Dekalb. The center ministers to youth, under-served adults, seniors, the homeless, substance abusers, as well as at-risk teenagers.

In 2004, a community homeless outreach ministry called ‘His Love Extended’ was started and ministered to about 45 homeless men.  In 2007 that Outreach was expanded to over 200 homeless and under served individuals and families.  Hot meals, showers, a clothing store, barber & grooming services, and many more services were offered to those in need.

Presently, “New Life Community Ministries” serves over 650 individuals in need each week.  Many of those we help are impoverished, struggling with addictions, or simply seeking a more sustainable life.

We help our congregation and our community by providing GED training, Work and Employment Readiness, Substance Abuse Rehabilitation support, and a host of other daily life-enhancement services.

To A Multi-Use Campus…

In 2010, a new Worship facility was erected on our current campus, completing a set of 4 Ministry buildings.  The total campus includes New Life Community Center, New Life Christian Academy, a Teen worship environment, a 300 seat Auditorium space and a full gymnasium.

Our campus now includes a 138,000 square foot building that houses a 1400 Seat sanctuary, a full service Barber and Beauty Salon, State-of-the-Art Children’s environment, as well as expansion space for a complete Christian Academy.

To a Christian Academy…and Beyond!

“New Life Christian Academy of Achievers” was established in 2011, and is built on the core value of providing quality Christian and academic education to all children, regardless of their socio-economic status.  Currently there are over 100 children enrolled, with many receiving church funded scholarships.