Baccalaureate Sunday will be June 24th at the 11:30 am Worship Service

Deadline to submit application form is Sunday, June 17th by 4:00 pm – No Exceptions

BACCALAUREATE SUNDAY is SUNDAY, JUNE 24th during the 11:30 am WORSHIP SERVICE only. New Life Church would like to recognize all New Life members graduating from high school, college, technical schools, and post-secondary schools. If you would like to be recognized, please complete this e-application no later than SUNDAY, JUNE 17th. On Baccalaureate Sunday please represent your school by wearing your cap, gown, stole, chords, etc. All graduates are expected to arrive at New Life Church NO LATER THAN 10:45 am to be lined up and given instructions regarding the program. Since there is no other rehearsal, it is imperative that you arrive on time. On Baccalareate Sunday you will be directed to the specific meeting area for grads. We look forward to celebrating this significant milestone with each of you!

Baccalaureate Sunday Registration Form

For New Life Church Members and Children Only

Member Number is required. Form will be rejected if Member Number is missing.

All participants must be present on Baccalaureate Sunday to be recognized. You will be informed of where to meet prior to Baccalaureate Sunday. Thank you for arriving on time.

Please, no balloons in the Sanctuary!

No calls to register. Must fill out paper or electronic form to participate.

Deadline to submit this application is JUNE 17th.

Questions: Student Education Support Ministry – 770-322-6262 ext 831.