Cars and Daughters

Scripture | Matthew 6:21

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.“

“Ok, now listen very carefully,” says dad to his very eager and excited daughter as he handed her the keys to his 2016 Mustang GT. “Don’t park too close to anybody, watch out for potholes, and be careful near curbs.” Kaitlyn had asked her father if she could drive his car the week of her 18th birthday. Her dad surprised everyone who knew him when he agreed to the birthday request. However, no one was surprised by the stern list of preconditions attached to the gracious reply. It was no secret how much Kaitlyn’s dad loved his car. When she got to school, she was the talk amongst her circle of friends. Her male friends staged a photo-shoot around the car and someone yelled out, “Boy! Your dad trusts you with his LIFE!” Kaitlyn responds with, “I am his life. He loves me!” That was no secret either. Kaitlyn’s confident reply revealed her father’s heart. She knew he lived to provide and take care of her and her mom and treasured them far more than the piece of finely designed metal he drove around in every day.

An abbreviated way to remember Matthew 6:21 is simply; your treasure – your heart. Jesus confronted the Pharisees on their definition of righteousness. They measured their outward showcasing of fasting and giving as righteousness. They also believed God would bless a person with “things” and “stuff” if He loved them. However, Jesus tried to help them see the temporal essence of an item and how irrelevant it is in comparison to treasures stored in heaven. Even though Kaitlyn’s dad loved and treasured his family more than his car, conversely, people are not to be treated as “things” to treasure more than the things of God. We can sometimes direct our hearts in relationships which may cause us to store up our time, attention, money, and energy toward people and away from the time, attention, money and energy toward God and building up His household, His people and His agenda.



Dear Lord, as You bless me with earthly possessions, help me to prioritize not prize it. May I forever be more grateful and show more graciousness toward the Giver and not the gift by seeking after Your kingdom and the righteousness that comes with it.