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New Life Small Groups Ministy – LifeGroups

At New Life we understand that joining a new church can be scary and lonely especially if you don’t know anyone. Our small groups ministry is called LifeGroups and is designed to shrink the size of our congregation and ignite genuine fellowship with a family of like-minded believers.

The purpose of the LifeGroups Ministry is to help New Life members develop deeper intimacy with God, experience real community with fellow believers, and increase their influence and witness with unbelievers.

The Bible reveals that God designed people to live in community and fellowship with one another. From the early stages of creation, God said that it was not good for man to live alone. Even in the New Testament, the Bible declares that believers should not forsake meeting together. Just as God is a relational being, so are His children who are created in His image. The biblical paradigm for spiritual growth is clear—it is a community of like-minded believers sharing their lives with the mutual aim of getting to know Christ better.

Notably, the ministries of Jesus and the New Testament church focused in great measure on relationships with people. Paul revealed to his disciples that they had become so dear to him that he not only shared the gospel with them, but he also shared his life with them. The LifeGroups Ministry at New Life is based on these biblical principles, with the goal that every New Life member will experience “Doing Life Together.”

The purpose of the LifeGroups Ministry is to help New Life members develop deeper intimacy with God, experience real community with fellow believers, and increase their influence and witness with unbelievers.

About LifeGroups

A LifeGroup is a small group of 6-12 believers who meet in each other’s homes for fellowship, Bible discussion, and prayer in an effort to grow closer to God and closer to one another. In a fun and comfortable environment, LifeGroups serve as a way to cultivate spiritual growth. Simply, LifeGroups help new and seasoned believers fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

Being a part of a LifeGroup will help you:

  • Develop deeper intimacy with God.
  • Build friendships and form bonds with others believers.
  • Grow in your faith and prayer life.
  • Serve others in the community.
  • Witness and evangelize to unbelievers.

In essence, LifeGroups are all about getting connected. In a church the size of New Life, it can seem impossible to know everyone, but there is a way for you to get involved and belong. Whether your need to connect is more social in nature, about spiritual growth or about finding a place to serve God, LifeGroups are the ideal place for you.

LifeGroups Values

A LifeGroup is “a group of Holy Spirit indwelt people who have intentional growing relationships with each other and with the Lord, and use those relationships to help fulfill Christ’s mission for the church, while learning to love Jesus and one another at the same time.”  It is essentially a group of people in mission-driven relationship to God and to one another. The proposed values of LifeGroups are reflected in the acronym L.I.N.K.S.

  • Learning – LifeGroups should be a place where New Life members can supplement their understanding of the Bible and spiritual issues. It should not, however, serve as a replacement for Sunday service and T.N.T.
  • Intimacy – One of the primary benefits of involvement in LifeGroups is the opportunity to deepen our relationship with God and strengthen relationships with other believers. LifeGroup members should grow to feel comfortable being transparent and vulnerable so that true and genuine relationships can develop. Reaching the goal of genuine relationships begins with open and honest dialogue between members of the group. LifeGroup members should become accountable to each other for support, encouragement, and help and should challenge each other to be fully devoted to Christ.
  • Nourishment – Spiritual growth is a primary offspring of involvement in LifeGroups. LifeGroup members should expect to enhance their own spiritual development and assist other group members in their quests to grow closer to God. The hope is that many groups will grow numerically and eventually birth new groups.
  • Kingdom-Building – LifeGroup members should be collectively committed to expanding the community of believers through evangelism and outreach.
  • Service – As LifeGroup members “do life together,” they should also endeavor to commit acts of service together, whether in church, in the community, or towards each other.

LifeGroups FAQ

Why small groups at New Life?

Spiritual growth is most effective in the context of intentional, genuine relationships with other believers. As our world becomes increasingly interconnected through technological advances, people are increasingly becoming disconnected from other people. This is just as true in the church as it is else where, and it is more critical in the church because God wills that His people live life together. Involvement in a LifeGroup will help New Life members enhance and cultivate their own spiritual growth and grow in godly relationships with other believers.

What are the different types of LifeGroups?

New Life offers LifeGroups for men, for women, for married couples, and groups available to individuals of any gender or marital status.

Where do LifeGroups Meet?

LifeGroups typically meet in New Life Members’ homes. LifeGroups can meet in any place that is convenient to group members, such as restaurants, coffee shops, or parks. The location should be comfortable and have no distractions. LifeGroups should meet in a location other than New Life, if at all possible.

How often should LifeGroups Meet?

LifeGroups should commit to meeting at least twice per month, although weekly meetings are most effective. Meetings can take place at any time convenient for the group members as long as meetings do not conflict with church-wide events. Each LifeGroups’ Shepherd Leader will have the schedule for his/her group.

How long does each LifeGroup meeting last?

The duration of each meeting will vary, but a typical meeting should last approximately an hour and a half to two hours.

What goes on at a LifeGroup meeting?

LifeGroups meetings will include icebreakers, Bible Study and discussion, and caring/sharing time.

What do groups study?

After an introductory study that emphasizes the importance of group life and helps groups grow together, LifeGroups will have flexibility to select materials that are of interest to the groups. Each LifeGroup Shepherd Leader has been provided a list of pre-approved resources from which groups are free to choose.

Is childcare available for LifeGroups?

Many LifeGroups have childcare options available. Each individual LifeGroup will determine how to handle childcare issues. Some options include: assigning a different group member to watch children during each group meeting, collectively hiring someone near the meeting site to watch kids during the group meeting, or leaving the responsibility to individual parents to handle their own childcare needs. New Life members will be able to search for groups that provide childcare.

How do I join a LifeGroup?

New Life members will be able to sign up for a LifeGroup by clicking on any of the “Join a LifeGroup” buttons on the LifeGroups page of New Life’s website. Individuals will be able to select the group that is most preferable in terms of location, group type, and group demographics.

Join a LifeGroup!

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Are you interested in hosting a LifeGroup?

Become a Shepherd Leader

At New Life, we call our group hosts “Shepherd Leaders.” Shepherd Leaders serve as group facilitators and help lead discussions about topics relevant to life. Being a Shepherd Leader is very easy. You don’t have to be a great speaker, a gifted theologian, or a Bible teacher. If you love God, have a heart for God’s people and desire to see other believers grow closer to God, then this is the perfect ministry for you!

Contact LifeGroups

Interested in learning more about LifeGroups or serving as a Shepherd Leader? Email today!