Make a Connection

In a world full of people and so many things to do, we can still feel left out, lonely, bored, and unfulfilled.   Many of us long to know our purpose and place on this earth, but our destiny seems to elude us at every turn.  Then there are those who know who they are and what they are here to do, and just need a place to do it and be it.  Whatever category you may fit in, we have a connection for you.  We are a ministry that believes there is a place for everyone, and our greatest mission is to connect you with God, you with this body of followers, and you with other members.  Please let us be your stepping stone to relationship, purpose, and destiny.  Let us, help you, Make a Connection!


Connect With God

Have you ever felt that your life was missing something, or that your existence was intended to possess more significance? If this is true, you have come to the right place.

Connect with New Life

Are you a Christian who is convinced of the need to connect to a vibrant and growing local church body? Perhaps you are looking to passionately engage church life…

Connect With A Small Group

At New Life we understand that joining a new church can be scary and lonely, especially if you don’t know anyone.