Dare to Dream



In this uplifting resource, Pastor Marlin D. Harris will help you biblically, to see life as it ought to be and not the way it is; look beyond your limitations and catch a glimpse of the future. This series talks about dreams, visions, imagination and hope. It focuses on the life of Joseph, who at 17 was given a dream by God and how this dream sustained him through the many perils of his life. Joseph planned his life based on what God had shown him in his dreams. Because Joseph’s dreams were in alignment with the word of God, no matter how unbelievable or impossible they seemed, he could stand on God’s word that they were true.

Pastor Harris will show you how dreams, when rooted in the knowledge of God, are cherished hopes of what one’s future could be. Do you dare to dream; not waiting for the future to materialize, but living as if it were here now?