CD Series

Hard Conversations

Confronting Today's Issues with the Character of Christ.

The Inner Man

Having a positive spiritual life involves self-examination of the “inner man “

Gifts In the Body

What are the gifts God has given you and how can you use them to serve and grow the body of Christ ?

Dollars and Common Sense

God wants you to prosper and live a full life.

Keys to the Kingdom

What are the keys to His Kingdom and finding the life God intended for you?


Kingdoms without God never last. Who or what do you worship and who do you serve?

Handling What You Have

The biblical doctrine of stewardship defines man’s relationship to God.
Series Cover - Discovering Your Ministry

Discovering Your Ministry

In this series, embrace the transformation of our identity, destiny, purpose, and discipleship.
Series Cover - Walking into the Storm

Walking into the Storm

Overcome the fear of the turbulent areas of your life by wading through
Series Cover - Knowing Christ A Study Through the Book of John

Knowing Christ

In this revealing series, Pastor Marlin D. Harris walks you through the pages of the Book of John.
Series Cover - Qualities of Great Faith

Qualities of Great Faith

Would you like to see pictures of faith in the Old Testament? Explore with Pastor Marlin Harris, the book of Hebrews 11th chapter.
Series Cover - Discovering The Will of God

Discovering the Will of God

Have you ever asked God, “Lord your will be done in my life”? Do you know what God’s will is for
Series Cover - Takers


Identify the true definition of a taker and understand the taker's mentality.
Man and Women laying on the grass looking at the sky

Dare to Dream

In this uplifting resource, Pastor Marlin D. Harris will help you biblically.
Series Cover - Change

Understanding the Power of Repentance - Change

Until your soul is marked, change can not take place. Wanting to change, hoping to change, talking
Series Cover - Bringing your Life Into Balance

Bringing Your Life Into Balance

This six-part series encourages living peacefully and harmoniously
Series Cover - The Song of Love

The Song Of Love

Explore the Song of Solomon and let the Holy Spirit help you distinguish the real love that comes from God.
Series Cover - The Steps of the Masters

Steps of the Master

Now is the time for all good men to come to aid of their country.
Series Cover - Spiritual Stewardship

Spiritual Stewardship

Get a fresh revelation on how to manage those things that are given to us by God.